Targeting your new home!

Wobeco Housing Agency provides exclusive searches, translates, guides and mediates for you…straight towards your

target! Saving time and energy! You are as good as home!

Are you coming to live in the Hague area as a family, couple or single and are you looking for a home? Finding your rental home for a short or long term in quick manner is our speciality, challenge and pleasure.

Also in English, French and German do we support you in the matters that are most important to you: we pick you up, advise, guide you and help you settle in the Hague and its localities.

From semi furnished apartments to “hotel-like” turn-key homes in which you simply enter suitcase in hand…

Saving time and energy
Wobeco Housing Agency takes you directly to the houses and the neighbourhoods that match your demands and expectations. Ultimately preventing you from spending days Googling, driving around, making appointments and negotiating.

For more than 25 years tenants like expats have chosen for the exclusive and personal approach from Wobeco Housing Agency: it is also possible to do it with ‘one’ intake (from your current location), a debrief and a couple of targeted visits during your lunch break or in a single afternoon. That is what we call an exclusive search. You can also opt for a limited search, then we only search through our own database of rental homes. Contact us for more information!

How an exclusive search works
The process of a search is simple and could even take place within 24 hours: from the intake to visits, contract signing and check-in.

How much time do you have?

  1. ‘Nice to meet you!’
    First contact via e-mail or telephone, you will receive a questionnaire.
  2. ‘Welcome’
    We make contact, have an intake meeting and look more closely at your wishes regarding the home, location and facilities, select and discuss certain streets or neighbourhoods with you. You will receive a ‘Welcome Package’ with detailed information about The Hague.
  3. ‘Go see’
    You could possibly make a preview tour or we can make one together.
  4. ‘First impression’
    We select a few homes that suit your needs and visit these together.
  5. ‘I do’
    You have found your home: we help you with the contracts (translation/clarification), the inspection of the home and the check in.
  6. ‘Anything else?
    Depending on your wishes, we will take care of all the required extra services after which you can move into your new home! We will remain available regarding advice or guidance for another few weeks.Service
  7. 'Service'
    Service goes without saying, because at Wobeco Housing Agency you are as good as home…

When an exclusive search is involved, we take care of your concerns as much as you require. With what else – next to finding a new home for you – can we be of service to you?

Your question, situation and demands are always unique. It is important for you
to remember that we always assist you with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure.

  • Advice with/assistance with landlord negotiations
  • Advice, assistance with, translation of contracts
  • Thorough inspections of the residence
  • Assistance with checking in or out of the residence
  • Support/explanation of equipment, maintenance, cleaning
  • Compiling and checking of requirements
  • First point of contact regarding technical failures throughout the whole rental period
  • We can take care of various services for you or mediate at finding them:
  • gas-/light- and water connections, TV-/telephone-/internet connections, cleaning, schools, (sport)associations
  • Home will be made available, fully equipped: including towels and made-up beds.

We will make sure you feel right at home!

Call us if you have any questions!

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