The place to be for landlords

As a ‘housing agency’ we have been renting out homes and apartments to employees of multinationals, international organisations, ministries and embassies in a successful manner for over 25 years.

These are professionals who move with or without their family whether it be temporarily or long term, to The Hague and its localities. The tenants are without a doubt reliable and developed people.

We can also do a lot for you and generate returns on your bare, semi or fully furnished home. Even the management of the home we take care of for you….This saves you from all the paraphernalia. Allow our network and expertise to
generate returns for you. Naturally everything is on a ‘no cure no pay’-basis. Will you contact us in case you require more information?

Wobeco Housing Agency, also for landlords: the place to be.

Five good reasons for renting through Wobeco Housing Service

  1. Goodtenants
    Renting out your home is one thing. But finding good tenants is a whole different matter. Wobeco Housing Agency gives you access to neat, reliable tenants, mainly expats of international organizations. Our screening process is personal, our network of a high level.
  2. Active
    We are active in our acquisition and marketing, we undertake targeted actions to potential clients. We take care of the visits, pictures, the information material etc. And everything at our own risk…you only pay us (a market-oriented compensation) from the moment your object is rented out! Our service goes far beyond simply ‘putting your home on a website’.
  3. Reliable
    Withover 25 years of experience in the region, we have a proven track record of reliability for dozens of organizations. Simply because we do what we are good at with great pleasure.
  4. Experience
    We have been running in this labour-intensive trade for over fifteen years in which it often revolves around property but especially: people. We have developed a ‘keen eye’ for both. Which appears to be of great value. We are specialists in renting out and managing homes of high quality.
  5. Discrete
    We cannot however name all of our clients here because our service requires privacy and discretion. The information you and your employee provide us with, will be handled with strict confidentiality by our complete team.
  6. …because there are too many reasons to list, here is one last one
    We are unique with our extensive service package. This results in very reliable relationships and a highly regarded customer group. Your property is in good hands at Wobeco Housing Agency. Please contact us for free and non committal information.

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